Daniel from Mi Ami interviews Hieroglyphic Being over on XXJFG.

Deformative Mix//Go Bang! w/Angkorwat

This Saturday night, Go Bang! hosts the debut Belfast performance of Dublin’s haunted-electonrica wunderkind, Angkorwat. We are super-excited about this show, having been indulging in her darkly beautiful sounds for the past month - have a listen for yourself here and here.

In anticipation of the night, I have put together a mix based on the usual groove of Go Bang! nights - starting off quiet and dark, before letting loose with those weird dancefloor nightmares our crowd seem to love, until it gets all venerational with a bit of Maus at the end.

Deformative Mix - May 2011

Deformative Mix - May 2011 by Deformative

1. Zomes - Melody, the Prism

2. Sixth June - Back for a Day

3. Angkorwat - Sink

4. Wicked Witch - Erratic Behaviour

5. Rebolledo - Guererro

6. Dirtbombs - Sharevari (Omar S RMX)

7. Chandeliers - Sugarscoop

8. Force of Nature - Unstoppable

9. No Zu - (Coburg) Mystical

10. Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque

11. Arthur Russell/Felix/Nicky Siano - Tiger Stripes

12. A Certain Ratio - Life’s a Scream

13. Pets With Pets - Acid Girls Makes the Best…

14. John Maus - Believer

See you Saturday!


New Ital - dreamy.

Pets With Pets - Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid

My girlfriend brought me the Pets With Pets album, excellently titled Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid, home from Australia.  Even for someone with my tastes, it’s a pretty freaky listen but an amazing achievement - outlandish, beautiful and bewildering all in one go.  

Neu! were frequently cited when discussing their earlier work, notably on 2008 single, We Only Found This Place, but Pets With Pets are as strange and idiosyncratic in their own right and their live shows so ferocious, to avoid being unfairly pegged as adulators. The influence of German experimental music is still apparent here though, from the audacious Kraut-groove of fifteen minute opener, Saturday I Died to the most Rother and Dinger-indebted track on the album, Pixie Child. But SAPA rides the same ‘It’s everything time’ wave as the new Gang Gang Dance album - mashing up sounds from sources as disparate as Spaceman 3, Sunburned Hand of the Man and many of the Nuggets bands. 

The result is a strangely affecting and ambitious album, harnessed by Jono’s awesome motorik drumming and Zayd’s primordial caterwaul. The six tracks here are as oddly beautiful, enthrallingly sinister and confidently aberrant as you are likely to hear this or any other year. After years of being viewed by many as hirsute purveyors of all things willfully wrong-ended and anomalous - on Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid, they have proven this to be absolutely true - and much more than that.

Buy from Sensory Projects.

Arthur Russell vs. Vin Diesel (seriously)

As far as I can tell, this is legit. Avant-garde composer, disco-savant and underground icon Arthur Russell, collaborating with the star of such cinema classics Pitch Black and Fast and Furious 5, Vin Diesel. Yup. Apparently, at the time Diesel was a fledgling rapper and break-dancer…ah this too ridiculous to paraphrase - here’s the official write-up from Gary Lucas.

Fragments of an aborted recording session at Battery Sound NYC in 1986 which brought together fledgling rapper Mark Sinclair—today better known as the actor Vin Diesel—and avant composer/dance music maven Arthur Russell in a project midwifed by Gary Lucas, who discovered Mark Sinclair rapping and break-dancing on the streets of the West Village, and greenlighted by Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records and Barry Feldman of Upside/Logarhythm records.

"I’m the Man of Steel" the teenage Sinclair asserts, foreshadowing his stellar ascent as a worldwide action movie hero ("Triple XXX", "Pitch Dark", and most recently the #1 box office hit "Fast Five")— but even Diesel is no match for Arthur’s crafty diabolical beats, which keep dropping "the one" out from under him, breaking up Sinclair’s delivery and eventually rendering the session useless.

"It’s the white part of me fucking it up!" 
—Mark Sinclair at the recording session’

See for yourself here.

LA Vampires feat. Ital - Streetwise

More gold from Not Not Fun, this time a collaboration from the coolest characters in the game, LA Vampires and Ital (Daniel from Mi Ami/Sex Worker).

LA Vampires feat. Ital - Streetwise from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Not Long To Primavera…

John Maus Interview with The Drone

Maus talks music, philosophy and Ariel Pink.



Psyched to see Not Not Fun on the cover of this month’s The Wire. The consistency of their output is at an all-time high and their 100% Silk sub-label has raised the game even further.

Amanda and Britt have put together a playlist of exclusive forthcoming releases for the magazine here

Futurisk - Lonely Streets Remixes Out April 28th

One of my favourite labels, Minimal Wave, will be releasing a remix collection of legendary underground electro-punk group, Futurisk, on 28th April. A nice choice of artists, including Chris Carter and Complexxion will rework their most famous track, Lonely Streets, hoping sparking a resurgence of interest in a band that mysteriously and rapidly disappeared in the early 80s.



N I T E - 1 6

After over two years of development, the Sexual Harrassment covers EP is finally out! It features fantastic versions by Dâm-Funk & Lil’ Kenny, Sweat.X, Jimmy Edgar & G.rizo, and Robert O’Dell.

Available now on vinyl from our distributors, Rubadub, and coming to other good vinyl stores within the next few days. The digital release will follow in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a preview of all four tracks:

Give It To Me Hot EP preview by Citinite

More information, taken from the press release:

Give It To Me Hot is a 4-track EP that pays tribute to one of the hottest, raunchiest (but sadly short-lived) funk/punk groups from the early 80s, Sexual Harrassment.

Sexual Harrassment was started by radio DJ Lynn Tolliver whilst he was working at MCA Records, and the Cleveland-based group had a gold single on the Heat/Montage label. Their rarer 6-track album from 1983 has become a collector’s item.

To do their tracks justice, we asked modern day artists who are synonymous with a sex-driven funk attitude to either cover or reinterpret the originals.

LA-based vocalist Lil’ Kenny starts us off with a sweat-inducing rendition of ‘You Are My Sexual Connection’. Backed by limit-pushing production from modern funketeer Dâm-Funk, the powerful bassline, searing rides and deep-throated vocals are as honest and uncompromising as we could have hoped for.

Sweat.X’s interpretation of Sexual Harrassment’s most famous track, ‘I Need A Freak’, follows. Spoek Mathambo and Markus Wormstorm’s compulsively dark vision, with its broody, frustrated funk sound, riffs on themes of unsated desire and pleasure-pain.

Jimmy Edgar contributes a backing track unlike anything he has ever done before for little known gem, ‘Exercise Your Ass Off’. Combined with the energising vocals from G.rizo, the track reminds us of the 70s New York alt music scene whilst simultaneously feeling like the beginning of the next wave.

Finally Robert O’Dell rides in with his unique style for ‘If I Gave You A Party’. Co-produced by Jeppe Loverman, this version is by turns unsettling and thrilling and has proved to be the most popular on the EP amongst DJs we promoed the tracks to.

It’s a fine way to close an EP that we hope stays true to the candid, fun and untempered spirit of the originals.

Jonathan Lesbian Seagull - Practice Room Excerpt

Jonathan Lesbian Seagull - noisy, electro alter-egos of 2/3s of Girls Names and Sea Pinks - are resurfacing this Saturday night at Go Bang! for a one-off show.

Expect microkorg flippancy, indecipherable vociferations and aberrant percussive breaks.

As much sense as I’m sure that makes, you might get a better idea of what to expect by listening to this practice-room excerpt the lads posted up last night.

Gang Gang Dance - Mind Killa

Oh Shit…

Suitably trippy video from GGD for new single, Mind Killa. Sounds like First Communion’s pilled-up younger sister and is another sweet taster for the album (Eye Contact, out 9th May).

Can’t friggin’ wait for Primavera.

Girls Names - Bury Me

New video from our pals, Girls Names, filmed in and around the darkest depths of Belfast. 

Looking good all the same lads.

Girls Names - Bury Me from stereogum on Vimeo.

Crash Course in Science - Cardboard Lamb

This is one of my favourite tracks, from one of my favourite bands but I had no idea there was an official video. Funny how VHS-chic it looks - I bet there are some kids in Austin trying to make a video as cool as this right now.

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